With Non-Chemical Ferrite Technology

About Radin Gostar Sina
Radin Gostar Sina, as the exclusive distributor of Hydropath company, introduced Hydropath technology from England to Iran with the aim of offering non-chemical methods of descaling. Considering the geographical location of Iran, the quality and quantity of water and water resources have always been a great concern. Many of Iran's cities are located on the edge of the desert, and naturally water quality in these areas is extremely hard. Scaling and corrosion has subsequently become an insoluble problem with the growth of various industries. Of course, there is always easy solution for unsolved problems. But in engineering methods of solving a problem, simplicity of implementation and cost of operation are two decisive factors. Adding environmental concerns also adds to the complexity of the issue. The technology and product of Radin Gostar Sina Co. is a simple and low cost solution to a huge and inclusive problem. Oil and Gas Refineries, Food Industry, Cement Industries, Power Generation stations, , plastic Injection machines, Water and Wastewater Companies, Water Treatment Systems, Casting and Melting Factories, Pharmaceutical Manufactures, Service companies for facilities, residential buildings, villas, public and private pools, hotels, industrial farms and poultry breeding farms are among the uses of Hydroflow descalers.