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Hot water tank-plate Heat exchanger

HydroFlow protects Hot water tanks in Wirtgen

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Watger Qeshm Co. is an exclusive agent of industrial, agricultural and road construction machinery such as asphalt roller, road cutter and Wirtgen asphalt cutter. The administrative building was opened in 2014 next to Azadegan high way. The administrative building has a central mechanical room which is equipped with two 500 liter hot water generator tanks. The tanks are heat up with copper coils. Generally, limescale buildup in domestic cold and hot water pipes and water tanks are very common in facilities. The domestic water due to health reasons could not be softened by salt water softeners. Thus the amount of scale build up on the surface of cupper coils is considerable. The traditional way to fight with limescale is shutting down the hot water tank and removing coils and performing acid wash. This process happens periodically after hot water temperature drop. Cupper’s coils are being washed by acid and doing physical cleaning. On October 2014 2 units of HydroFlow HS38 were installed on Hot water tanks to protect the cupper coils from limescale buildup. Pictures below clearly show the effectiveness of HydroFlow water conditioner after 4 years of non-stop working. Coil inlet and outlet temperature including tank’s hot water temperature maintain the same from the time of installation. Limescale reduce the heat transfer and accordingly hot water temperature. HydroFlow water descaler is second to none