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Hot water boilers

Hot water boilers; the most important equipment Hot water boilers are one of the most important equipment for heating in air conditioning systems and industrial applications. Limescale build up in steel or cast iron boilers is very common due to water hardness.

Carbonate and silicate deposits are very hard and sticky that creates thermal insulation on the surfaces of heat transfer in boilers and increase energy consumption by reducing thermal efficiency. Increasing the scale thickness inside the boiler causes under deposit corrosion, short-term overheating and stress-corrosion cracking of the tubes and eventually cause to boiler breakdown. Descaling by acid wash is a temporary solution to the problem of water hardness and its scale build up. Hydropath technology by applying harmless radio waves is the best and cheapest way to protect steel and cast iron boilers and increase their lifespan. The Hydroflow descaler could be installed in a brand new plumbing or even old plumbing with existing limescale. In addition to boilers, all plumbing and fan coils, radiators, air handling unit heaters are also protected against scale buildup and corrosion.

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The building No. 5 of Elahie in Tehran, managed by Mr. Abdolreza Asefi, is based on international standards, designed by a German architect. After focusing on the main concept of the project, fourteen pages describe the cultural, ethical and social requirements of the life of the Iranians and the Tehranians, and the chosen German architect after a deep study of all these fourteen pages, the original designs, concepts, and figures designed No 5 Elahieh. The most valuable element of this building is the person who is supposed to live in it and his needs are in the top priority. A person in crowded Tehran needs silence and calm. In this air pollution, clean air must be provided. In the dry winter of Tehran, the sufficient humidity according to Ashrae standards should be provided in the interior. Purified water is produced and supplied centrally by R.O. Also, artificial light along with natural light can be controlled in all spaces. Pool water quality, Jacuzzi and many other important details in everyday life are defined with such an approach, not with strange or decorative elements, make 5th Elahieh building special. HydroFlow descalers have been installed, on Hitachi chillers with plate condensers and cooling towers, heating and cooling systems include German Weizmann hot water boilers, fan coils and air conditioners, hot water generator tanks, solar preheat systems and RO system.
One of the oldest HydroFlow installations in Iran is the Azadi central mechanical room. It is equipped with 4 hot water boilers with total capacity of 96 billion BTUs per hour form Cleaver Brooks Company. 2 boilers have been replaced due to scale build up and tube failure. The central mechanical room supply hot water from 130 to 140 degrees Celsius to 100000 seat football stadium, 12000 seat volleyball saloon, central office building, pool complex, Olympic dormitory complex and other buildings. The primary energy loop has an approximate length of 5400 m with size of 14 inches. In 2007, a 14-inch custom Hydroflow descaler was installed on the hot water return line to the boilers which came from secondary mechanical rooms. The HydroFlow descaler is able to remove the existing calcium and magnesium carbonate deposits over time. The scales became soft powder so that they could be easily cleaned and washed away from metal surfaces which are visible in the photos below.