About (UK) HydroPath

Hydropath UK is a world-leading knowledge-based, innovative company focused on controlling water hardness and descaling limescale with patented radio frequency signals in the world. The company’s goal is to provide a new descaling solution in HVAC and industrial systems with the aim of eliminating acid wash and chemicals and even water softeners, increasing the lifespan and efficiency of equipment, and saving water and energy, applying harmless radio frequency Ferrite technology. The Hydropath company was established in 1992 and the main office is located in Nottingham, England, which now has a well-equipped and advanced production line with more than 25 years of production of HydroFlow descaler in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Hydroflow descalers are designed in UK for pipe sizes from 1 inch to 160 inches (4 meters in diameter) for applications of descaling and removing calcite and silicate scales, , removing bacteria and hog and algae, removing biofilms in urban water utilities, or seawater cooling, and coagulation and flocculation in water treatment systems and pools. This unique patented ferrite technology has no other similar product in the world.