Calcium and magnesium deposits in daily life cause problems such as pressure drop and low flow rate, water temperature drops, inefficiencies of heating packages and domestic water heaters, hard water problems in washing machines and dishwashers, blockage of valves and plumbing, creating stains on dishes and water sinks, side-by-side filter blockage, and … HydroFlow descaler with an IP33 and life time of 35 years, can withstand all the problems of limescale, and can be fitted to any size of pipe from 3/8 to 2 inches.

Hydroflow descaler HS-38

The HF-38 hydroflow descaler is a very popular home series machine

Hydroflow descaler HS-40

Hydroflow descaling machine model HS-40 is a home series machine and very widely used

Hydroflow descaler K-40

The K-40 hydroflow descaler is one of the most popular and practical home appliances

Hydroflow descaler S-38

The S-38 hydroflow descaler is one of the most powerful and effective home series devices