Cooling towers in cooling systems


 One the best and cheapest cooling equipment is cooling tower which are working on evaporation principles by using water as media. There is a relation between range of cooling tower and relative humidity in ambient. When the relative humidity is low and air is drier, evaporation occurs better and the water cools down more. When the cooling tower efficiency is high, then the leaving water temperature gets close to air wet bulb. This parameter is called approach in cooling towers. Because of hard water, internal parts of cooling towers like water spray nozzles and cooling films fill up with limescale. The water contact surface decreases and the efficiency of cooling tower drops, the leaving cooling water temperature increases and might cause failure in cooling systems. It is obvious that in order to maintain the heat transfer rate , cooling tower should work more and the fans must operate longer. The limescale is the major factor for increasing energy consumption in cooling towers. Acid and chemical wash in cooling tower is very difficult, money consuming and destroy cooling tower parts over time. Algae is also a problem in cooling towers. HydroFlow P series , buy applying harmless radio signals into the water in supply and return line of cooling tower ,control and remove limescale even with hard water in cooling systems. Pools, Spas and Jacuuzis, HydroFlow descaler reduces Chlorine: Hydropath technology , by usi

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