Hot water tank-plate Heat exchanger

 Descaler for hot water generator tank and plate heat exchanger Hot water generator tanks in central mechanical rooms are main supplier of domestic hot water. The hot water generator includes a galvanized tank, generally 600 liters to 5,000 liters and copper coils that are placed inside the tank and heat or steam from boiler runs into the copper coil. The domestic cold water, which is generally hard, enters the tank and is heated in contact with copper pipes, and then flow out of the tank for consumption. The domestic circuit is open, so the water always enters the tank or plate heat exchanger and after getting warm, a large amount of calcification happens on the surface of the coil. The accumulation of heavy carbonate and silicate scales on the coil does not allow the heat to flow into the domestic water, so over time, the heating temperature of the domestic hot water decreases. At the peak of consumption load, the hot water generator is not able to provide hot water, and the temperature fluctuation of the hot water and insufficient hot water are the result of limescale problems on the coils. Consequently the tank should be opened and cleaned periodically. Hydroflow descaler is the best green technology to protect the water supply system and copper coils and fixture units against calcification, which, by sending harmless radio waves, protects the whole hot water pipes and hot water generator tank or plate heat exchanger. The best models for the domestic hot water application are the HS-38, HS-40 or the C series.

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