Hydroflow S series radio electronic descaler

The formation of lime deposits in boilers is more severe than other equipment due to high water temperature and continuous evaporation. The water is constantly evaporating and turning into steam, and all the minerals remain in the boiler chamber. Over time, the volume of sediment and scales increases due to the hardness of the water and quickly settles on hot metal parts such as pipes or furnace surfaces and the surface wall of the boiler, creating hard sediments. Calcium sulfate and carbonate and magnesium and silicate deposits are usually found in white or cream and are the same as gypsum and lime. On the other hand, scales act as thermal insulation and increase fuel consumption. UK HydroFlow descaling uses recorded radio signals to convert soluble minerals into stable, stable crystals that absorb other hard ions. These stable crystals can adsorb other ions with a strength of 10 compared to heterogeneous surface scales. Therefore, all soluble ions of hard water are attached to these microcrystals that can explode out of the boiler. To protect fire hoses and water pipe boilers, the S-Series descaling is specially designed for installation on the boiler feed pipe after the high pressure feed pump. Boilers are installed on the feed pipe after the feed pump. Also to protect the circuit. The deaerator should be installed on the C-Series condenser on the deaerator condenser supply circuit.

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