Descaling and increasing thermal efficiencies – solar water heaters


 Increasing thermal efficiency with HydrFlow; Solar water heaters should absorb solar energy in limited time, and the efficiency of the equipment is very important. Due to the relatively high investment of solar collectors, limescale from hard water will quickly reduce the thermal efficiency of solar water collectors, and since collectors are only active in a part of the day, there is a significant impact on reducing the temperature of the outlet water and the performance of the system. Scale is like a cancer to plumbing systems and if it is not prevented, it will cause the system to clog and collapse. In closed-circuit solar collectors using distilled or RO water, the plumbing system will be badly corroded. In closed-circuit solar collectors that use distilled or soft water, the plumbing system will corrode over time, while using hard water will also precipitate in the system. The best way to cope with the formation of scale and control corrosion is Hydropath technology and HydroFlow descaling devices, which protect the whole solar plumbing by sending harmless radio signals even using hard water. After the installation, HydroFlow descaling unit can remove and clean old carbonate and silicate deposits from surfaces over time without acid wash. The new green Hydropath technology is using nature new to solve the limescale problem.

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