HydroFlow industrial descaler is provided in 4 series C, P, I and S. HydrFlow units larger than 8 inch pipe size are made as custom units. The S, C, P, I series up to 24 “sizes have been manufactured at the factory and can be delivered quickly, but the bigger size needs 4 weeks production time. Hydropath Company does this by applying the very best in scientific understanding and discovery, leading product innovation and is able to produce custom descaler for special applications to solve your problem. The hydroFlow descaler system has the following capabilities:

1- Prevent carbonate scale build up

2- Killing pathogen bacteria and algae

3. Cathodic protection of the inner surface of the pipe in contact with the water in order to reduce the general corrosion

4. Prevent the formation of Biofilms

5. Non-chemical flocculation and increased water clarity in filtration

6. Breaking Fixed chlorine

Hydropath is proud to be able to produce a custom product to solve any of the above 6 problems. The products are completely waterproof and dustproof and their electrical protection is IP68. Products with an input of 87 V to 24 V and a frequency of 47 Hz to 67 Hz are functional.