Nozzle Sprays

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One of the most widely used equipment in various industries is the nozzle sprays, which creates droplets of different dimensions and a special pattern on the surfaces. The fluid is used in various water industries, which is used for cooling, moisturizing, dust removal, surface washing and so on. Pressurized fluid passes through the narrow path of the spray nozzle, and after leaving it, it experience large pressure drop. Decreasing pressure increases the scaling effect, and therefore, the scale is initially deposited in the outlet of the nozzles and, with increasing scaling, the rate of output decreases and over time and the entire path will also be blocked. Due to the large number of spray nozzles, maintenance and cleaning are generally difficult and costly. On the other hand, scaling and water hardness reduce lifespan and finally failure of nozzles. Therefore, high quality alloys such as tungsten carbide and stainless steel which are very expensive are used to manufacture these nozzles. Spray nozzles are used in a variety of industries such as the iron and steel industry, agriculture and food industries, cement industries, commercial and industrial cooling towers, paper industry, air washers, etc. HydroFlow descaler is one of the easiest methods to protect spray nozzles against scaling and corrosion. The crystals created by the HydroFlow descaler are very tiny in the range of 10 to 50 microns, which do not actually create blockage in any path. These crystals are also able to open up old limescale and after descaling period the nozzles will not scale build up again.