Hot water boilers

Hot water boilers and hot water are the most important installation equipment

Hot water boilers; the most important equipment Hot water boilers are one of the most important equipment for heating in air conditioning systems and industrial applications. Limescale build up in steel or cast iron boilers is very common due to water hardness.

Carbonate and silicate deposits are very hard and sticky that creates thermal insulation on the surfaces of heat transfer in boilers and increase energy consumption by reducing thermal efficiency. Increasing the scale thickness inside the boiler causes under deposit corrosion, short-term overheating and stress-corrosion cracking of the tubes and eventually cause to boiler breakdown. Descaling by acid wash is a temporary solution to the problem of water hardness and its scale build up. Hydropath technology by applying harmless radio waves is the best and cheapest way to protect steel and cast iron boilers and increase their lifespan. The Hydroflow descaler could be installed in a brand new plumbing or even old plumbing with existing limescale. In addition to boilers, all plumbing and fan coils, radiators, air handling unit heaters are also protected against scale buildup and corrosion.

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