Compression and absorption chillers in air conditioning and industry


 Electric and gas absorption chillers are used in air conditioning and industry to provide chilled water. In order to gain cooling in evaporators you need to reject the excess heat to the environment. The heat produced in the condenser or absorber should be rejected by the cooling tower to the atmosphere. This water circulation in condenser and evaporation in cooling tower due to water hardness causes rapid formation of carbonate and silicate deposits, mainly calcium and gypsum sediments in the condenser copper tubes. Salt water softeners, contaminate the environment by drainnig high concentration salty water which is 10 to 20 percent of produced soft water.The salt water softener only postpones scale formation in hydronic systems and could not remove limescale. Even with water softeners in makeup water, chiller’s condenser still needs acid wash. Acid wash cause damage to chiller’s cupper tube in condenser and absorber and could a possible risk for tube failure and releasing refrigerant or lithium bromide in gas absorption chillers. Hydropath technology is the best alternative to salt & resin water softeners. HydroFlow descaler works directly with hard water by applying harmless radio signals into the water and plumbing and could easily remove the existing carbonate scales in circulating water. Hydroflow eliminates acid wash in chillers and cooling towers.

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