Hydroflow descaler technology in all water-to-water, water-to-air, steam-to-water heat exchangers

 HydroFlow descaler in water to water, water to air and steam to water heat exchangers HydrFlow descaler in all heat exchangers (water side) could stop scale build up and also remove the existing scales due to water hardness including old carbonates and silicates over time. Increasing the water temperature will reduce the solubility of the hardness dissolved minerals including, carbonates and calcium and magnesium bicarbonate. The released suspended ions immediately stick to the metal surfaces of the heat exchangers and form heavy carbonaceous deposits and eventually clogges the tubes and the water passes. The pressure drop caused by hard water deposits increases the electrical energy consumption of the pumps. If you are looking for a permanent, easy and cheap solution to solve the problem of water hardness and scale build up in the equipment install HydroFlow descaler. The Hydropath green technology is the designed to omit salt water softeners from your system meanwhile eliminating chemical and acid wash of heat exchangers. Saving energy , reducing downtime and increasing efficiency and lifespan are the HydroFlow descaler benefits.

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