Frequently Asked Questions by Users About Hydroflow Descaling

1. Is Ultrasonic Sedimentation Different from Magnetic Hardening?

Field studies and researches on the products available in the Iranian installation market confirm that the existing types of electromagnetic or electric hardeners have been renamed as ultrasonic and have created a new branch that does not have the nature of a technology different from magnetic hardeners. An ultrasonic scaler definitely requires a special transducer that must be glued to the body of the tube with a special adhesive, but the ultrasonic scalers available in the market are the same as electronic scalers with a coil or antenna around the tube. Ultrasonic stiffeners are the same as magnetic stiffeners and there is no innovation in the field of ultrasonic stiffeners.

2. How to order the device and what is its delivery time?

After receiving the written request of the customer and visiting the place by the installation and commissioning experts of Radin Gostar Sina Company and determining the type of descaling device, the pre-invoice will be issued by announcing the delivery time.

3. Does the hydroflow descaler have an effect on particles, iron filings and corrosion deposits in the water and pipe wall?

No, it is only effective on gypsum and calcareous sediments and has no effect on particles, iron filings and corrosion deposits in water and pipe walls.

4. Can the device be installed on closed and open circuit?

Yes. The hydroflu sedimentation system has the ability to install on the closed and open circuit.

5. Are the waves pumped when off?

Yes, the propagation of the waves depends on the off or brightness of the pump, and in the presence of water, it is published in the tube. If the metal tube is, there are also waves without water.

6. What is the difference in resin difficulty with hydroflow deposition?

The resin hardness by using chemicals reduces water hardness. That is, the hardness of water, such as calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese, removes water and hard water into soft water. By referring to functional resin function, it is observed that the equipment is still sedimented and requires acid laundering. The hydroflu sedimentation is a physical modifier based on the physical processing of water with extensive AM radio waves in the entire plumbing circuit. Hydroflo is not hardened and after installation, water hardness is not removed, and there is still in water, but the potent hydroflo signals not only do not allow sedimentation on the surfaces, but the hydroflo deposits can also open the old sediments.

7. What is physical amendment and what is the difference with chemical hardness?

Physical modifiers without the use of chemicals and using changes in water-soluble salts due to magnetic and electromagnetic fields reduce the desire of water deposition. In this regard, there are exceptions such as hardening, sedimentation, sediment, anti-sediment and … in this category. Non-Chemical Device corrections are other names of this group of equipment. The history of production and use of magnetic hardnesses returns to the 1950s. Chemical hardnesses are removed using chemicals that react with water hardness salts, and hard water turns into soft water, which is less sedimentation.

8. Is the hydroflow sedimentation of the same magnetic hardness?

No, hydroflu sedimentation is no magnetic and electromagnetic structure, and its advanced technology is under the hydropath of the UK. The hydroflu sediment for the first time in the world in the process of processing, produced water with radio waves. The inventor of this technology is Professor Stefani, and to date, the technical knowledge of Hydroflu is in the monopoly of the Hydrop Company with the representation of Radan Gostar Sina in Iran.

9. Are the waves that are visible from the sedimentary device?

Yes, visible and measurable by the waves of the waves at different intervals.

10. How old is the hydroflu sedimentary life and does it need to be maintained?

The deposition of hydroflu is the construction of England and home devices have more than 35 years and does not need any service.

11. Is the sex of hydroflu sedimentation?

No, hydroflu sedimentation on any kind of metal and non-metallic tubes ranging from GRP-FRP – PP – PEX, etc., and even the thermal insulation of the tube has its normal performance without any loss of the tube.

12. Do not hydrophoic radio waves and submission signals have no effect on other electrical equipment?

No, radio waves have related standards and has no interference with measuring devices, PLC control systems, or etc., navigation systems and radar, medical equipment, and so on.

13. Does radio waves are harmful to humans?

No, the signals produced by hydroflu sediments are only released inside the water. These signals are from a radio wave of 100 to 200 kHz with very low power, which confirms the international and European standards including Voltage Directive Low and has no harm for humans. Water in contact with signals is also not in contact with the body.

14. Does the hydroflu sediment refining water?

No, hydroflu sedimentation does not change the chemical compounds of water, and so it can not replace water purification systems. To healthy water and remove heavy metals, civic salts, nitrite, microbes and viruses you need a home cleaning device.

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