Household hydroflow descaler

Hydroflow descaler HS-38

HydroFlow descaler HS-38 is one of the most popular models of Hydropath’s devices used for residential applications. This unit is used for tubes of up to 38 mm (OD) in size and can be installed on the cold inlet pipe of water heating package or spa supplies (hot water tanks, plate heat exchanger). The device, by sending signals at a frequency of 200 to 160 kHz, can open existing limescale in the equipment and plumbing and prevent the system from scale buildup. The signals created in the water with a range of 100 meters on each side of the HydroFlow, transmit inside the water and the pipe. The HydroFlow HS-38 will easily cover all appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, heat sinks, all valves, etc. in a residential unit. HS-38 is the UK’s best-selling HydroFlow product, which is also could be used in industrial applications.

Hydroflow HS38 home descaler

HydroFlow HS38 Descaler