Household hydroflow descaler

Hydroflow descaler HS-40

The HS-40 is a residential HydroFlow product that has a powerful radio signal to prevent limescale from forming even with hard water. The HydroFlow descaler HS-40 can also remove previous calcium and magnesium carbonate deposits from the inner surfaces of the pipe. This is done by forming ultra-fine crystalline deposits in the water using radio signals. The HS-40 is used in small heating mechanical rooms , gas fired boilers, fire tube boilers and water heaters. HS-40 has a size of 11×8 and a thickness of 3 cm. The maximum power consumption is 1.5 watts, powered by a 12-volt DC adapter. This descaler can be installed on pipes of up to 63 mm diameter or 2 inches on any type of pipe (plastic or metal).

Installing the HS-40 requires no pipe cutting, and you need to fit the ferrites ferrites around the desired pipe. To install on pipes with temperatures above 55 ° C, it is essential to install the HS-40 descaler on the thermal insulation of the pipe