Household hydroflow descaler

Hydroflow descaler k-40

The K-40 electronic water descaler is designed for, indoor and outdoor swimming pools Jacuzzis. Installing HydroFlow descaler K-40 on the filtration system will increase water clarity, increased filter efficiency, reduced chlorine consumption and scale buildup in the heat exchangers. By inducing electrical field into water filteration system, the particles in the water are flocculated and attached to each other and are collected at the upper levels of the filter and do not penetrate into the lower levels. In this way, in addition to reducing water consumption in each backwash, the intervals between each backwash also increase and, accordingly, the consumption of water and energy is reduced. The K-40 descaler’s dimensions are about 11×15 and 3cm thick, with a low power consumption of about 1.5 watts, which can easily be installed on any type of metal or plastic pipe with a diameter of 2 inches or 63mm.