Industrial hydroflow descaler

Hydroflow descaler S-Series

The HydroFlow S-Series is exclusively designed for the descaling of water and fire tube steam boilers, and prevents the formation of limescale in boilers without the need for anti-scale chemicals. The S-series desscaler is installed on a feed water inlet of a steam boiler, and prevents the formation of scale by sending harmless radio waves to the water, and converts carbonate and silica , gypsum into soft scales. These limescales are non-sticky and easily removed from surfaces, and there is no need for acid wash to clean them. The crystals created with radio waves, even at high temperatures and pressures, are very stable and maintain their integrity, which drain out of the boiler with blowdown. The maximum power consumption of this series is 65 watts, single-phase and has an IP66 electric protection degree against water and dust infiltration. The device has 2 parts. The transducer part installed on the pipe and the PSU is connected to the main transducer by the appropriate signal cable and connected directly to the city power supply. The S-series water descaler are available from 1/25 inches to 8 inches and should be mounted on the heat insulation of the boiler feed tube.