Familiarity with the operation of the Hydroflow descaling device

13 April, 2022

A glimpse of how the Hydroflow descaler works

In this article, in a simple language, we will get to know the workings and performance of the Hydroflow descaling device.


Hydroflow descaling units use a unique technology to transmit an electric field to the pipe and water inside. This technology works on all types of pipes without the need for cutting or piping. This is the feature that makes the Hydroflow descaling device ideal for reproofing. The signal can travel throughout the piping network, both upstream and downstream, to protect the entire system from fouling.

Prevention of calcareous deposits

جلوگیری از تشکیل رسوب آهک با رسوب زدا هیدروفلو

Limescale is formed by minerals (usually calcium and bicarbonate) that dissolve in water. When water is heated (or desaturated), these minerals form a hard scale on the surface of pipes and heating equipment that impedes heat transfer, reduces efficiency, and blocks water flow.

Hydroflo descaling units transmit an electric field to the piping network and the water itself. This causes the mineral ions to form clusters that act as the starting point for crystal formation, so that when the water is heated, the limescale forms in suspension as a fine powder that can then be washed away by the current.


لخته سازی با رسوب زدا هیدروفلو

Over time, filters become clogged and require backwashing. This leads to waste of water, energy and money. The Hydroflow descaling device can help reduce these wastes through flocculation.

The Hydroflow descaling Device unites electrically charged particles as they pass through the device. Turbulence (often created by a pump) mixes the water so that these particles come into contact and stick together to form flocks. These handles sit on the surface of the filter, so they are easier to remove and can reduce the amount of water used in backwashing. Flocculation also allows the filter to remove finer particles, thereby improving water clarity.

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جلوگیری از تشکیل رسوب زیستی با رسوب زدا هیدروفلو

Contamination by bacteria and other biological substances is known as biofouling. Biofouling is a major problem in industrial and commercial systems. In circulating water systems, bacteria can build up to problematic levels, making treatment with chemicals too difficult or expensive. In addition, bacteria adhere to heat exchanger tubes and surfaces to form biofilms that reduce heat transfer and block flow.

The signal of the Hydroflow descaling device is transmitted through the pipe and water, and it causes biofilm separation and reduces the amount of bacteria in the circulating water system.


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