The performance of Hydroflow degreaser in removing biofilm

31 December, 2017

Hydroflow water hardness in the face of bacteria and biofilm

Hydropet water hardness radio wave technology induces an electric field inside the fluid in a wide and longitudinal manner. The electric field alternately creates a positive and negative electric charge inside the fluid, the amount of which is greater under the installation location of the device than other piping points. This causes the particles that pass under the device, especially bacteria, mosses and algae, and all single plant cells with cytoplasm to be subjected to a powerful electrical induction charge at the moment of passage.

As a result, a layer of pure water molecules completely cover the bacteria with a negative or positive charge and cause the osmotic pressure on the shell and membrane of the bacteria or moss and algae to change alternately in a way that eventually causes the shell to disintegrate. bacteria and finally it comes from disintegration and destruction.

Bacterial and microbiological pollution in utility systems lead to the formation of biofilm or biofilm that sticks to surfaces and prevents heat transfer. As the biofilm layer grows, the equipment loses its efficiency. By sending radio signals, Hydropet’s descaling and water hardening technology is able to break biofilm layers and also prevent the formation of biofilm without the use of chemicals and biocides, and the microbial load of water is also reduced.

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