More benefits of Hydroflow descaling devices

26 April, 2022

Reducing corrosion, increasing filtration and reducing backwashing with Hydroflow anti-scaling systems

In this article, we explain how to reduce corrosion in pipes and equipment with Hydroflow descaling devices.

Current passing through a metal tube creates a coaxial magnetic field that interferes with the electrochemical reaction necessary for corrosion to occur.

Implementing Hydropet technology in a water system inhibits internal pipe corrosion by up to 65%.

Increasing filtration and reducing backwash

Hydropet technology water descalers collect suspended particles that pass through the ring of ferrites, thereby making water systems more efficiently filtered. Increased filtration efficiency reduces backwashing up to three times and the amount of water used in each backwashing cycle is reduced by half. Reduced backwash means reduced water consumption and savings in water, maintenance and maintenance costs.


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