The anti-sediment performance of Hydroflow in removing previous deposits

13 January, 2018

Removing old sediments using Hydroflow water hardness

In the process of crystal formation, all ions dissolved in water collide with each other. Temporary hardness ions including calcium and magnesium carbonate and sulfate are also one of the problems of clogging of pipes, tubes and equipment due to calcium and magnesium carbonate deposits. By sending radio signals along the piping circuit, the Hydropet water sediment trap technology is able to drain water and acid wash old sediments over time, without the need to stop the system. In the process of formation of stable crystals of Hydroflow sediment trap, all ions dissolved in water collide with each other and in this direction, calcium, magnesium, carbonate and sulfate ions form crystal cores. Crystal cores in contact with sedimented surfaces particle by particle and ionic form absorb and separate the previous sediments from the surfaces. This describes well the anti-scaling performance of Hydroflow.

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