The golden tip of optimizing the quality of pool water with Hydroflo descaler

25 December, 2017

Hardening and optimization of pool water quality

Hydropet’s descaling technology, with the diverse and extensive capabilities of radio waves, has been able to control and optimize important parameters in the hardening and optimization of pool water without the use of chemicals and in a completely green way.

The first and most important feature of hydroflo sediment trap radio waves is the coagulation of fine particles without the use of coagulant chemicals such as aluminum sulfate. By creating positive and negative electrical signals, radio signals coagulate fine particles together, which are trapped in the filter bed and do not pass through its fine pores. Therefore, the water in the swimming pool or jacuzzi becomes very clear with the use of Hydroflow descaling agent.

The second most important feature of radio waves is the breakdown of carcinogens and by-products and excess chlorine such as trihalomethane and chloroform in pool water, which causes serious harm to users. Hydroflo descaling radio waves are easily able to break these chloramine carcinogens and turn them into active, free and reusable chlorine.

The third feature of Hydroflo water hardness remover is the removal of chlorine smell in the pool area and the removal of eye irritation.

The fourth feature of Hydroflow water descaler is saving water consumption and reducing backwash or reverse washing of filters, which is 50-75% saving in water and energy consumption in commercial pools. The Hydroflow K-40 sediment trap can be used for home pools and hot tubs up to size 2. The Hydroflow P series sediment trap is recommended for recreational pools from size 5.2 to above.

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The advantages of using radio wave descaling of Hydropet UK technology in public and residential pools

• Removal of pathogenic bacteria

• Preventing the growth of moss and algae

• No need for ozone and UV

• Reduction of chlorine consumption between 50 and 70% and in line with that reduction of carcinogens such as trihalomethane and chloroform.

• Converting Deactivated Chlorine ions to Active in order to remove the odor caused by the persistence of chlorine in water

• Removing the harmful effects of chlorine on the skin and sensitive tissues

• Significant reduction of the destructive effect of chlorine corrosion on structures and facilities

• Removal of subsurface corrosion (caused by sedimentation)

• Elimination of corrosion caused by chlorine in pipes and tanks

• Significant increase in water clarity and decrease in turbidity and yellowness of pool walls and floor

• Reduction of water and energy consumption during the backwash of fillers between 50 and 70%

• Increasing the efficiency of sand filters

• Removal of colloidal materials (Alums) such as aluminum sulfate

• Reducing the consumption of acid to adjust the pH and reducing the consumption of cut blue to remove algae

• No need for maintenance and 35 years of life

• Insignificant electricity consumption of about 1.5 watt hours or 13 kilowatt hours of electricity per year

• Europe’s superior green technology and having European CE, Canadian and American CSA standards

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